The Disc Dog Registration and Scoring System

Where did DDRSS come from?

The Disc Dog Registration and Scoring System (DDRSS) was created by Jerry Robin, a competitive disc dog handler (since 2008) and a professional database developer for over 20 years. He developed the system after watching with frustration at many competitions as event organizers struggled with inefficient and sometimes inaccurate spreadsheets, and after sometimes waiting hours, or even days, to see event results.

Benefits for competitors: DDRSS provides a simple, consistent, web-based interface for event registration. It simplifies the registration process for competitors, especially when entering multiple dogs and/or multiple events. If you hate seeing “Please fill out this entire form for each dog/handler team,” you’ll love using DDRSS. Once you’ve entered your name once and your dogs’ names once, you never have to enter that information again, even for other competitions months or years later.

Benefits for event organizers: DDRSS is designed to save event organizers a great deal of time and effort because it requires minimal data entry, and allows organizers to print registration forms and score sheets directly out of the database. When competitors register online, the registration data is instantly available in the Scoring module. Score entry is faster and more accurate than using a spreadsheet. The DDRSS Scoring module allows you to display results and sorted rankings live - both locally and on the Internet - as soon as they are entered. 

• The online (web-based) registration database is available for pre-registration and on-site registration.

• E-mail confirmations are sent automatically after each competitor registers for an event.
• Handlers with multiple dogs only have to enter the handler info once, then can associate multiple dogs with that handler. 
• Returning competitors save time and effort by using their existing handler/dog data when they register for events in the future.

• No need to import or copy/paste registration data. All data is live in the system from the moment a competitor finishes registering. This means that the time you spend entering competitor data is exactly zero, whether you have five competitors or a hundred.
• A list of handlers and dogs for all events can be provided as an Excel file at any time after pre-registration begins.

• Registration forms and score sheets can be printed directly out of the database.
• Your pre-registration period can be extended, because all of your registrant data is available for printing as soon as the registration is received.
• Running order can be randomized, then manually adjusted to avoid conflicts. (No more pulling slips of paper out of a hat...)
• Running order lists can be printed out for announcer, scorekeeper, CD/iPod attendant, etc.

• Scores are entered directly into the database, and results can be exported at any time to provide live backups of your data.
• Scores can be entered on Mac, Windows, iPad or iPhone.
Score entry is multi-user! Several people can enter scores simultaneously on multiple devices.
• To prevent transposition and alignment errors, each score is entered on a clearly-labeled individual screen.

• Scores and rankings are available at the event venue, and on the web, instantly.
• Detailed audit logging for data integrity. If scores are changed after initial entry, you can see who changed the scores and when.
• Scanned score sheets can be imported into the database, so you can easily compare data entry values onscreen alongside the handwritten scores.
• Score sheets and scoring formulas will be included for all major formats (AWI, Skyhoundz, UFO, USDDN, etc.).

NOTE: If you want to use the online registration module, but not the live scoring module, your registration data can be exported to Excel before the start of your event.

After the event
• A personalized e-mail with individual scores can be sent automatically to each competitor.
• All competitors can be invited by e-mail to your next event.
• Results can be exported to Excel to send to sponsoring organizations.

Additional features
DDRSS will be adding new capabilities over time, based on the needs expressed by competitors and event organizers.

DDRSS is built with FileMaker® Pro database software, and runs on Mac, Windows, iOS, and on most web browsers (some functionality is limited when running in a web browser).
NOTE: To use the Live Scoring module, you must have a reliable live Internet connection during your competition.

Please contact us for more details and a live demo of the system.

Jerry Robin