Here’s what disc dog clubs around the country are saying about DDRSS:

I had the opportunity to use the Disc Dog Registration and Scoring System in a recent event I was responsible for and found it to streamline both the registration and scoring process.
Instead of having to manually input each competitor's information into an Excel file and manually calculate their scores and running order, the competitor simply entered their registration information into the DDRSS and it was immediately available to our scorekeepers who could then immediately print a randomized running order, full registrations for competitors to sign and competitor scoresheets.
As the event continued throughout the day, we were able to input each team's scores and immediately provide them to our competitors as they were walking off the field, via both the DDRSS Web site and our on-site external monitor.
When our day concluded, we were able to input the last competitor's score into the system and have it available before the team walked off the field allowing us to immediately hand out awards and clean up.
It saved us a ton of time and energy throughout our entire day making our event even more efficient and fun for both competitors and hosts.

Jerry Robin is wonderful to work with and was very eager to help us make our event a huge success. I highly recommend the Disc Dog Registration and Scoring System to any club or organization looking for a simpler way to host their events."
- Lindsay Thompson, MAD Dogs (Mid-Atlantic Disc Dogs)

We recently held our first competition, with 5 different events and 2 divisions. We would have been overwhelmed by the response without Jerry's scoring and registration system. We had over 50 human competitors and almost 90 dogs! So glad we decided early on to use Jerry’s system.  This turned out to be a great decision because I don't think we could have handled all the data without it! 
The online registration system was used on Saturday morning as well, so even people who registered on-site had all of their Skyhoundz forms automatically filled in and printed. We processed – and printed out – registration forms for more than 50 handlers and over 400 individual event registrations.
Thank you Jerry for this program! It was so great to lower my stress level on such an important day! I will definitely be using your program for all future events!
- Julia Kosobucki, President, Disc Dog Empire (California)